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Composed of 5 people, Cherry (That’s me the Great Fruit!), Jaycee aka baditz, Aimee aka rawrgoesaimee, Jamine aka stoicjeng and Joanna aka Sassy Girl, who became good friends because of Gelli’s show Hip 26 on Monster Radio RX 93.1. G-Crew is definitely NOT a fan club.

It all started on Twitter. We officially met on Twitter, became good friends on Twitter and grew on Twitter. I remember I was just a regular listener and tweetquester on Jude and Gelli’s show The Ride. I am a self confessed Twitter addict, I tweet everyday and baditz, who is also a Rusher, is one of my tweetmates. Everyday from Monday to Friday eversince The Ride started accepting tweetquests, baditz and I never fail to tweet our requests. DJ Gelli who is always in charge with the tweets is very accommodating and tweets back as much as she can. Then, I met Joanna who is one of Gelli’s loyal listeners. We became good friends on Twitter. After a few days of exchanging tweets with @joannasas and @baditz17 and of course @rxtheride, we finally decided to go to RX on May 17, 2009. I’ve been a loyal listener of RX since 1996 and that was the FIRST TIME ever that I went to the RX studios on a Sunday and without Chico and Delamar! I was excited at the same time VERY nervous because I am not really close to Gelli that time, she only recently found out that I’m @cherrythegreat. I waited for Joanna and baditz at the parking lot, too shy and afraid to go to the station alone. Joanna was late so baditz and I had to wait for her. Finally after 10 years of waiting, Joanna arrived. Hehe.

So who is Gelli? Gelli is the very gorgeous, very nice and very accommodating  DJ at Monster Radio RX 93.1. Together with Jude Rocha, they host The Ride and every Sunday she does Hip 26. And that’s where it all started for the new “G-Crew”.  Look at her pic, isn’t she gorgeous, hot and sexy? 😛

Gorgeous  Gelli

Gorgeous Gelli

We got to hang out with Gelli after her show Hip 26. She treated all three of us to lunch at El Pollo Loco in Megamall. It was superb! After lunch, we went to Globe to pay her bill then to Sun to inquire and subscribe to their Wireless Broadband which according to Gelli is TOTALLY useless. No signal in Makati! How annoying is that?! Duh, the only reason why we begged and harassed Gelli to get an internet connection is so she can sign up and set up her own Twitter account, and of course to visit The Morning Rush Forum. 😉 Darn, Sun! Do something with Gelli’s signal! Aaargh!  >:)

This became a regular thing. Next Sunday visit to the station, we met Jamine, Aimee and her dad. Lunch together, watched movies, played at Timezone… fun fun fun!

To make the story short, we all became good friends because of our love and admiration for our “barkada” Gelli Victor. 🙂



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