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As I’ve said in my previous post I’ve always been embarrassed to dance because I am not good at it specially with my friends watching me. It sucks if your friends love to dance and you can’t dance.

BUT to dance with my friends and have so much fun is what matters to me now. I am not going to say that in two days I have learned how to dance but I’ve gained a lot of confidence and finally convinced myself that I should dance and attend Gelli’s class.. I will remain optimistic about this whole Body Jam thing until I can actually dance in public. Go girl! 😛

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend Gelli’s class. Not feeling well today. Have a slight fever when I woke up. I felt so bad because I really don’t want to disappoint Gelli. I didn’t know we were scheduled to take flu shots yesterday. The shot made my left arm completely numb. Had a terrible headache, too, and now suffering from runny nose! How cool is that?!

Went to RX today to get some pictures from Delle, claim my PCD tickets and to say sorry to Gelli. As expected she didn’t believe me and made me feel so guilty for not attending Body Jam. Sorry Gelli! 😦

Really looking forward to my first Body Jam class with you and the G-Crew! You are my one and only Dancing Diva! 😉

Now, the question is.. to watch or not to watch “A Clear Doll Domination: Pussycat Dolls Live in Manila”???


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This radio show is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to FM Radio!  I can’t get enough of this show! I’m addicted! I love them!  I adore the mighty duo! Aaarrgggh!  😉

Behind the hilarious moments and laughters we hear everday is an oddball companionship that gives the show a tender warmth.

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