At level 17, my Restaurant City finally reached 50.0 popularity! I feel so proud of myself. 😛

My Restaurant is definitely NOT the best out there but still I want to share my layout:

My Restaurant

My Restaurant

No, I am not addicted to this game. 😉


Move over Strange Fruit, here comes the Great Fruit! Be afraid! Be very, very afraid! 😉

The Great Fruit is the world’s next famous blog! Cherry the Great is the next world Famous Blogger! Okay, fine. I think I’m getting really delusional here by trying to convince myself that I will be famous someday. But I am half-way there! Soon, you’ll see me walking on the red carpet.. “Oh, here comes the Great Fruit!” No one can stop me! No one!! 😛

“In the club, on the news I’ll be rockin’ like a rock star
I’m unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable

Fa, fa, fa, fa, follow the leader
Fa, fa, fa, fa, follow the leader

I’m unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable!!!!”

For now, I’m just Cherry the Great, the Infamous Blogger! But always remember this:  “I may only be one person, but I can be one person who makes a difference.” 😛

carebears2Hi! I’m Cherry Bear and these are the Care Bears! We want to be your friends. Everyone needs friends.

When I was a kid I used to love the Care Bears and I still do! I have a big stuffed Funshine Bear and lots of lil Funshine Bears. I have the other bears, too, but since my favorite color is yellow I get a lot of yellow Care Bears as gifts. Thanks to those who gave me Care Bear stuff. 😉

The Care Bears have a very special mission, and that mission is to help everyone share their feelings with others. They care about everyone! They send out great messages to kids to CARE and SHARE.

Till then, friends! I have a very special caring mission. See yah!

– Got inspired by Delamar’s blog.

I am happy being single and I’m not sure if I am going to get married! Of course, I might change my mind if Papa Piolo comes along and asks me to marry him but that’s another story. 😛

Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy life. There’s nothing wrong with me, so stop asking why I’m still single and does not have a boyfriend. It’s true that having someone can add to my happiness but being single has advantages, too, and according to my very good friend Kelanne here are just some of them:

– you don’t have anyone to worry about
– you don’t have anyone to clean up after
– you can do things your own way
– you only have to cook for 1
– you have the bed to yourself
– you control the tv remote 😛
– you don’t have to be home from work ‘on time’
– you don’t have to share the closet space
– there’s never anyone in the bathroom when you need it 😉

If I’m not meant to be alone, then it will happen. I just have to be patient. All I know is that being in a relationship can be just as depressing as being single. And I don’t need somebody to justify my existence. I am me. I am Cherry the Great! 😉

Yes, you can be happy being single, too!

Spice up your mornings with The Morning Rush from Monday to Friday, 6-10am, and every last Saturday of the month, 6-9am, on Monster Radio RX 93.1!

The best FM Radio show in the Philippines, hands down, has to be the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. They talk about everything from American Idol to cockroaches to ghosts to Chico’s award winning blog to Twitter to The Buzz to Delamar’s lovelife and everything you could possibly think of. The show is so random and wacky it’s great. Honestly, I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t see just how great they really are. Absolutely addictive!

This radio show is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to FM Radio!  I can’t get enough of this show! I’m addicted! I love them!  I adore the mighty duo! Aaarrgggh!  😉

Behind the hilarious moments and laughters we hear everday is an oddball companionship that gives the show a tender warmth.

Guess what? We have The Morning Rush Forum and this is the place where listeners of Chico and Delamar can meet and hang out. Read stories, share your experiences, chat and get to know the group of people who all say “I love Chico and Delamar”. Join us now!

Hello! My name is Cherry and welcome to my blog! Not really sure what to put here but since Delamar, my favorite DJ ever, will start blogging soon I felt compelled to finally start one. 😉

I really want to own a blog but I kept postponing the idea. I even thought this day would never come, sobrang busy sa forums! The time has come now to join the elite world of bloggers – Chico Garcia, Delamar.. and of course me,  Cherry the Great! =D

This is the beginning of my adventure in the world of blogging! Until next time friends!

P.S. Follow me on twitter : =D