Move over Strange Fruit, here comes the Great Fruit! Be afraid! Be very, very afraid! 😉

The Great Fruit is the world’s next famous blog! Cherry the Great is the next world Famous Blogger! Okay, fine. I think I’m getting really delusional here by trying to convince myself that I will be famous someday. But I am half-way there! Soon, you’ll see me walking on the red carpet.. “Oh, here comes the Great Fruit!” No one can stop me! No one!! 😛

“In the club, on the news I’ll be rockin’ like a rock star
I’m unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable

Fa, fa, fa, fa, follow the leader
Fa, fa, fa, fa, follow the leader

I’m unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable!!!!”

For now, I’m just Cherry the Great, the Infamous Blogger! But always remember this:  “I may only be one person, but I can be one person who makes a difference.” 😛